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RBC Newfoundland & Labrador
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RBC Newfoundland & Labrador Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: CAN$5,000.00
Total Raised: CAN$6,463.70

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 40
Members Recruited: 120

Join Our Team

Please join our team this year in the Janeway Childrenís Hospital Foundationís Jamarama!

From state-of-the-art medical equipment and educational health programs to vital medical research, the Janeway continues to provide our children with the best care available, when it is needed the most. However, without the support of our community none of this would be possible.

Join us, on Friday, October 21st, in wearing our pajamas as a sign of support for all of the sick and injured children at the Janeway.

Raise money. Wear PJs. Help Kids.

Team Members:
Total RaisedCAN$6,463.70  
General Team DonationCAN$6,058.70  
Shelley BakerCAN$0.00  
   Tracey AdamsCAN$0.00  
   Matthew BeckCAN$0.00  
   Debbie BeesoCAN$0.00  
   John BennettCAN$0.00  
   Debbie BoweringCAN$0.00  
   kia brakeCAN$0.00  
   Cecilia (Celia) BrennanCAN$0.00  
   Adam BuckleCAN$20.00  
   Lanny BurdenCAN$0.00  
   Paula CainesCAN$0.00  
   Jennifer ClarkeCAN$0.00  
   Michelle CochraneCAN$0.00  
   Renita CoffeyCAN$0.00  
   Faythe CooperCAN$0.00  
   Crystal DuffenaisCAN$25.00  
   kathy dukeCAN$0.00  
   Gaye ElliottCAN$0.00  
   Rosalind EnglishCAN$0.00  
   Deanna EnnisCAN$0.00  
   Tammy FaulknerCAN$0.00  
   Kay FitzgeraldCAN$0.00  
   Carrie GarlandCAN$5.00  
   Paula GeorgeCAN$5.00  
   Andrea GillespieCAN$10.00  
   Sheila GoldsworthyCAN$0.00  
   Beverley GoslingCAN$10.00  
   Abigail GreenCAN$0.00  
   Jing GuCAN$0.00  
   Sherri HaireCAN$0.00  
   Ursula HannCAN$20.00  
   Dean HarrisCAN$0.00  
   Stephanie HayesCAN$0.00  
   cynthia HearnCAN$0.00  
   Ruby HearnCAN$0.00  
   Stephanie HeddersonCAN$0.00  
   Bhakthi HenpitaarachchiCAN$0.00  
   Wanda HillierCAN$0.00  
   Vic HouseCAN$0.00  
   Danielle HurleyCAN$5.00  
   scholastic janiCAN$0.00  
   Stephanie JerrettCAN$0.00  
   sam johnsonCAN$0.00  
   Dale KeanCAN$10.00  
   Wanda KeanCAN$0.00  
   Bonnie KingCAN$0.00  
   Grace KingCAN$0.00  
   Colin KrulickiCAN$100.00  
   Judy LaCourCAN$10.00  
   Paul LambeCAN$0.00  
   Emily LeCAN$0.00  
   Sonya LeBlancCAN$0.00  
   Cora-Lee LewisCAN$5.00  
   Hao LICAN$0.00  
   Ashley MacDonaldCAN$0.00  
   Bernice MarshCAN$5.00  
   Dadiso MazhudeCAN$0.00  
   Dawn McGrathCAN$0.00  
   Michelle MeshCAN$5.00  
   Emily MurphyCAN$0.00  
   Tammy MurphyCAN$0.00  
   Ivy MurrinCAN$0.00  
   Dean NewburyCAN$0.00  
   Michelle NolanCAN$0.00  
   Kelly NoseworthyCAN$5.00  
   Erin O'BrienCAN$20.00  
   Stephen O'LeayCAN$0.00  
   Ifeanacho OkekeCAN$0.00  
   Sheri PardyCAN$0.00  
   Deborah ParkerCAN$0.00  
   Sandra PayneCAN$0.00  
   Nick PeddleCAN$0.00  
   Marcus PenneyCAN$50.00  
   Mark PerryCAN$0.00  
   Geraldine PeytonCAN$0.00  
   Genny PiccoCAN$0.00  
   Susan PinsentCAN$0.00  
   Andre PowerCAN$0.00  
   Shannon PowerCAN$10.00  
   cindy prosperCAN$0.00  
   Angela Rebollo MazaCAN$5.00  
   Greg ReidCAN$10.00  
   Jackie ReidCAN$50.00  
   Julia RobertsCAN$0.00  
   Nadine RossiterCAN$0.00  
   Jennifer RoweCAN$0.00  
   Susan Ryan GoldsworthyCAN$0.00  
   Nadia ScaplenCAN$0.00  
   Bev SewardCAN$10.00  
   Ali ShahbazCAN$0.00  
   Angela SheaCAN$0.00  
   Elena SheppardCAN$0.00  
   Paula SheppardCAN$0.00  
   Rhonda SkinnerCAN$0.00  
   Laura SmithCAN$0.00  
   Lane SpeckerCAN$0.00  
   Sandra SpurrellCAN$5.00  
   Melissa SquareyCAN$0.00  
   Paulette St GeorgeCAN$0.00  
   Joanne StevensonCAN$0.00  
   Ashley StoneCAN$0.00  
   Deanna StricklandCAN$0.00  
   Ren SunCAN$0.00  
   Tammy TillerCAN$0.00  
   Trudy TobinCAN$0.00  
   Iris TrigoCAN$0.00  
   shauna vatcherCAN$0.00  
   Darlene VillaorsaCAN$0.00  
   Janice VriesendorpCAN$0.00  
   Maryn WalzakCAN$0.00  
   Kathleen WatermanCAN$0.00  
   Carla WhelanCAN$0.00  
   Linda WhiffenCAN$0.00  
   jennifer whittCAN$0.00  
   Mary WicklundCAN$0.00  
   Peter WilkieCAN$0.00  
   qihua xuCAN$0.00  
   Charlotte YhannCAN$0.00  

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